My primary skills include modeling, lighting, and texturing. Also concept, mel script, animate, and rig. Primarily programs include Maya, Photoshop, and After Effects. Other programs include Z brush, Mudbox, cinema4d,topogun, and Nuke. Traditional skills range from painting, figure drawing, and sculpting.


Yu+co || November 2015- 2019 (current)

3D Generalist-Staff Position

Technical direction, 3D modeling, texturing, shade, lighting.

Yu+co || November 2015- 2016 

3D Generalist-Freelance

3D modeling, texturing, shade, lighting

Prologue || Feburary-April, 2014

X-men Intro : modeling, texturing, shade, lighting


Prologue || March-December, 2011-2013

Mission Impossible : MEL, modeling, texturing, lighting, Rigging, shading

EPSN MLB sports Package : MEL, modeling, texturing, lighting, shading

Twilight : model, texture, light, shading

The Secret Life of Mitty :model, shade, animate, light, shading

Vegas : model, shade, texture,animate,light, shading

Guiness Beer Commercial : particles, light

Divergent Movie intro : model, texture, shading, lght


Imaginary Forves || August - November, 2011

Yopait Slice : modeling, texturing, and lighting


Imaginary Forces || June, 2010

Gatorade : Modeling and texturing


Moving Colour || January, 2010

Warner Brother Campaign : Texturing and UV mapping


Imaginary Forces || November-December, 2009

Hefty Stinky commercial and Hall mark campaign: Model, texture,shade


Silo || August, 2009 (The Sci-Fi Channel)

MegaConda : lighting and compositing


ShadeVFX || June-July, 2009

Discovery Channel: Modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, model cleanup


Pancho Barnes || July,2009

The Legend of Pancho Barnes 


RTT || March, 2008 - March,2009

Modeling, texturing, lighting, mel scripting as well as working with CAD and scan data.

Created concept work for pitches.


Two Headed Monster || Feburary, 2008

Fixed scan data for cars.


Tigerhair || December, 2007

Modeling and texturing


Entityfx || August-November, 2007

Camera animation for a TV show called Fight Science.


Ka-Chew || May-August, 2007

Modeled, textured, and supported the lighter for a Cambells spot.


Otis College of Art and Design || Jan-May, 2007

Teacher's assistant in Intro To 3D class. Assisted students with technical problems using Maya.


Radium || July-Sept, 2006

Animated baseball league logo for Baby Ruth commercial


Otis College of Art and DesignSept-May, 2006

Teachers assistant in Figure Drawing class. Assisted students with anatomy and form figure drawing.


DI Group || May-July, 2005

Digitally removed dust from film for restoration using After Effects.


Education:Otis College of Art and Design||Sept, 2003-2007

Bachelors degree in Fine Arts with a focus in Digital Media.